Friday, July 01, 2011

Iceberry Review

Iceberry is a frozen yogurt chain with a location in Reston Town Center (Iceberry's website lists other locations). Like Pinkberry and its many clones, Iceberry serves tart frozen yogurt with a choice of toppings such as fresh fruit, nuts, cookies, mochi, etc. Iceberry's selection of original, honeydew, green tea, and chocolate flavors aren't as tart as Pinkberry, and generally the flavor falls a little short of the Pinkberry gold standard. The quality and freshness of the fruit toppings can also sometimes be a little spotty (particularly in the winter), and the yogurt itself can't exactly be considered a bargain. However, what makes Iceberry worth going to is the honeydew flavor yogurt. Iceberry's honeydew flavor yogurt is a fantastic dessert that combines the flavor of tart frozen yogurt with that of a Melona bar. If you've ever enjoyed Pinkberry yogurt and melon bars, you'll love Iceberry's hondeydew frozen yogurt. A medium three topping serving makes a perfect dessert for two on a hot day.

  • Honeydew flavor is fantastic

  • Pricey, especially compared to newer frozen yogurt places that charge by the ounce
  • Occasional issues with fruit freshness/ripeness, particularly in the wintertime

Rating: ****

Medium Honeydew
11990 Market St. #C
Reston, VA 20190

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