Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Volpi Sopressata Salame Review

Volpi Foods' Sopressata Salame is an enjoyable sausage that I purchased at Trader Joe's. I bought it because it's made with all natural ingredients without any nitrates or nitrites, and because I love soppressata. The 8 oz. salami is encased in a collagen casing that's to be removed before eating. The soppressata was surprisingly milder in flavor and much less salty than I was expecting. Although mild, the salami had a nice savory flavor. I tend to prefer stronger flavors, so I thought the soppressata would have been better if it had a bit more bold and complex character (and were a bit saltier and tangier), but nevertheless I quite enjoyed the salami. Rather than the whole black peppercorns one would often see in store bought soppressata, Volpi's had what looked like specks of ground black pepper in it. A lot of store bought soppressata also tends to have larger nodules of fat, but Volpi's is finer in texture. Overall, a good and enjoyable soppressata, and a soppressata of choice due to no nitrites and relatively low cost.

Rating: *** ½

Here's an except from Volpi's website.

This salame originates in the Veneto Region. A delicate sophistication exudes throughout this region, its people and its cuisine. Our Sopressata mirrors this refined lifestyle.
  • Recommended Storage Temperature: Keep Refrigerated (less than or equal to 72° F)
  • Shelf Life from production: 180 days
  • Serving Suggestions: Stands alone for a classic antipasto or adds spice to any sandwich, grilled or cold.
Packaging a bit different (sold at Trader Joe's)
Sliced, with the collagen casing removed

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